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I figure it should rain now and later in Runescape

Posted: Sat 21 Aug 2021, 08:18
by nfkjasfas
This is one way to look at it! There are enough players! It is also possible to consider a different perspective OSRS Accounts. "No, it will not be successful. There's nothing to make this game different from similar games. It offers nothing in terms of fighting using its "scissorpaperrock" system.

Jagex stunned everyone with their support of "JCredits" just a few days following War of Legends was released. The game requires real money to gain an advantage in the game. To many players, this seems to be completely contrary to their usual policy regarding what they refer to as "real world trading". The real world currency can be purchased with in-game currency. Apparently Jagex likes the idea, just as long as they get the money.

What do players think about JCredits "I'd prefer to have the game require a small payment and recieve member benefits than have Jcredits purchase items in the game." Similar to Runescape membership. The amount of money that you spend does not affect your game advantages. Let's wrap this up by addressing JCredits. This is the one I consider to be the most appropriate.

They are ridiculous, Jagex wants you to pay real money to achieve anything. Although it's okay to have micro-transactions within game for an advantge, Jagex have stepped it up a level by making you pay to chat, free your city from slavery Buy RS 2007 Gold, finish tasks and, in general, not do anything to advance. The game is utterly dull without JCredits.