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KO. As a pure amge I've been fighting for about a minute

Posted: Tue 17 Aug 2021, 07:51
by Dragonborn
Dragonhide is a very low price, and it is very strong armor. It is also used to OSRS Gold make magical attacks, and in certain instances, to mellee. It requires a moderate range level but it comes with a complete set that instantly halves any chance I have of succsefully casting, note I will not hit a zero allowing my spell to continue to lhit, it stops completely.

Ranger and warrior attacks do not "fail" therefore they are stunning and daring, even with the potential for serious damage. Although magic shouldn't fail, defense should prevent the possibility of damage ever occurring. My next post will be the lexplain.

Most people know by now that mage defense is 70% magic level, 30% defense level. Now this is very bad for mage, particularly foolish pures. My opponent has only one defense, and fifty magic. But, he does not have any combat level comparable to mine. Classic magic was added to the combat level. This means you have lower mage defense or battle levels that were not used in RS. Everyone seems to be able to protect their magic effectively without losing or increasing combat level. Ont op of wearing the black dragon hide chaps in one defense one def, a pure can defend against my attacks, while his range and mellee attack smack me as if I had no defence.

KO. As a pure amge I've been fighting for about a minute. My opponent has started slashing at me. He has low HP. How can I defeat him? I am not able to use the double stack combination. It is only effective at distance. I don't have any method to Buy RuneScape Gold kill him, without using hybrid gear. Hybridizing presents another problem. The hybrid gear I wear reduces my magical attack, which means that I won't be able to get him down in his health.